Women are Human : A very good site showing news and the dangers and harm when gender identity is pushed on us by law. Writing By and For Fearless Women : LGB News : News that is uncommon : Calling out cancel culture and general news.

TransgenderTrend : Has stories from detransitioners who changed their minds
Stellaillustrator : Plenty of neat political art.
Gendertrending : This lady had a big collection in the past but TRA’s got pissed and had her whole site taken down.

The Glinner Update : Very brave man just reporting on why this should be questioned.

(If you know of a website with good information should be included, say so in the comments.)

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  1. Stella says:

  2. Stella says:
    The Deprogramner ( youtube)

    And my website has plenty of gender- critical, free speech, and anti- lockdown cartoons you are welcome to copy and and share:

  3. M says:, another site giving a platform to canceled women.

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