Our Mission:

Combat Silencing and Bigotry:

People Have the right to disagree with narratives that they don’t agree with. In the modern day climate, men and women that wish to speak up about gender identity are vilified, ostracized, cancelled from events to speak, silenced, harassed, bullied, banned from communities online and in some cases visited by the police in the U.K for stating biological facts. We are approaching an Orwellian 1984 thought police and wrong think era that seeks to punish people that aren’t on board with children getting groomed for early transition. A father in Canada was recently arrested for calling his own 14 year old daughter a she and not agreeing she should be prepped for early transition. It is now considered “Family Violence” if you have objections. This is a violation of his human rights. Women have been trying to speak out in public only to be intimidated and threatened with doxxing, and death threats. Let both sides have their say instead of giving just one side their way! Another group that are being silenced are de-transitioners. Those who went forth with a medical transition and regretted it.

Protect Children:

Children should not be groomed to early medical transition. Children cannot consent to it. There will be more and more cases of homophobic parents that are worried that their children may be gay or lesbian that will be seeking this as an option. There is also the case of Munchausen by Proxy where a parent will convince a child that the child is trans as this parent seeks attention. MBP is often accompanied with narcissism. Just because a little boy is playing with barbie dolls and likes the color pink should not mean the child should be groomed for early transitioning..same thing goes with little girls. Just because she likes the color blue and prefers to play sports doesn’t mean she is trapped in the wrong body. This scenario is open for much abuse. The main catch phrase for why this should happen is “If the child doesn’t…they could commit suicide!” It’s blackmail. There is no proof transitioning everyone that doesn’t fit with society’s interpretation of gender norms alleviates suicide. Puberty blockers also come with many side effect. Women have been prescribed this for other health issues. Over 10,000 women have complained about awful side effects and the medical industry ignores them. This is not the solution. Most children that aren’t comfortable in their own bodies and want to be the other gender grow out of it. Many end up being gay, lesbian or bi.

Protect Sexual Orientation:

People are now deemed transphobic if they do not wish to sleep with someone who identifies as trans. Under gender identity this is all inclusive to just how someone “identifies” and “feels”. There have been many death threats, doxxing, harassment and people getting fired as a result for not going along with this on many levels. Lesbian females are being told they are bigoted “TERFS” (trans exclusionary radical feminists) if a lesbian does not want to have sex with a man that identifies as a lesbian with a penis, often times faced with death threats as you can read here. Gay men are being told they are transphobic bigots with the same kind of harassment that you can read here. Everyone including straight people that want the opposite sex are also vilified. The creator of the term “Superstraight” was threatened by trans rights activists (TRA’s). They threatened to kill his mom so he took his video down off of Tik Tok and Tik Tok ended up banning him. In an attempt to make the Superstraight movement look bad, anonymous users designed a superstraight flag with the initials of SS and made it look like a nazi flag then tried to claim it all started on 4 chan. People are tired of this pandering to a group of people that are being put above everyone else’s rights. Biology is a scientific fact currently being erased.

Protect Women’s Biological Rights

Women have been on the brunt end of these attacks for too long. They have been trying to speak out only to be silenced and attacked. Parker Posie’s billboard showing the definition of woman “Adult Human Female” was deemed Transphobic and taken down. She has also been arrested, banned from Twitter and original account banned from Facebook. Megan Murphy got to speak at a library in Canada but met with many protestors all because she wanted to talk about how these ideas on gender identity is harmful towards women. It is considered hate speech to say anything counter to the narrative. Madelyn Berns, a lesbian was called a bigoted TERF for knowing what a lesbian means and countering the narrative. Madelyn died in 2019 over cancer. After her death, several trans-activists including a bicyclist that competes in women sports even though born a male was celebrating that she died. She was calling out much of the hypocrisy in this movement which you can check out her videos here. Women are being treated like second class citizens over this narrative. Putting biological males in spaces where women and children need their privacy or in mixed sex sports is a disaster towards women and children.

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