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Laws are coming out to put people in danger of of thought policing, denying biology and erosion to the civil rights of parents, women, children and sexual orientation in favor of fantasy. Men are identifying as women after getting caught raping women or raping children. When these men claim to be women, they are sometimes listed as a female doing the crime, the media reporting them as a woman doing the crime and put into women’s prison with no full transition meaning they still have their male plumbing. There have been some men claiming to be women that have raped women in women’s prison.

Men are also getting into women’s sports only as a self identification. Trans-activists claim bigotry anytime someone brings up the unfairness. Do women have the right to say no?

Women have been saying for a long time that predators will be using this as an excuse to enter into women’s bathrooms and women are scoffed at and silenced. Some of the males pushing for this were found to be pedophiles.

Gender Identity should not substitute biology and punishing people for not wishing to go along with someone else’s “identity”. This is horrible for the majority of people. Nor should children be indoctrinated into accepting this. There should be no “Drag Queen Story Hour” especially since many have been found out to be pedophiles. Our rights are being infringed on. It’s time to let everyone pushing for this to know that they have no right to infringe on other people’s rights to push forth a belief system at the expense of most people. For those claiming calling this out is an act of bigotry, they are projecting and should look up what bigotry means. It’s time to contact your local representatives and demand biology not be erased, sexual orientation be respected and the rights of the majority be respected!

Tolerance should not include putting up with something sinister.

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